Independence Day Weekend


One thing I don’t quite understand is how this holiday is officially known as ‘Independence Day,’ but somewhere along the way, we’ve all just adapted to calling it the ‘Fourth of July.’ Truthfully, I feel like that’s where a lot of meaning was lost on why we celebrate in the first place. Instead of acknowledging America’s independence and our freedom from Great Britain, it has become just another summer holiday to wear red, white and blue, host pool parties and bbqs and blast fireworks into the nighttime sky. Those things are all fine and good, and I thoroughly enjoy those things, but that isn’t what it’s about at all.

We fought in the Revolutionary War for several years and eventually, America was granted its freedom. We are a free nation because of that. I am so glad that I live in a country where I can worship God freely and dream as big as I want. That is such a beautiful thing and something we take for granted, when other countries don’t even get half the chance.

My Independence Day Playlist


“Independence” ~ The Band Perry

“American Honey”~ Lady Antebellum

“Party in the U.S.A.” ~Miley Cyrus

“Only in America”~Brooks and Dunn

“Soldier” ~Gavin DeGraw

“Independence Day”~Martina McBride

“Free Fallin'”~Tom Petty

“American Woman”~Lenny Kravitz

“Firework”~Katy Perry

“Light Me Up”~Hunter Hayes

“Some Gave All”~Billy Ray Cyrus

“American Soldier”~Toby Keith

“Born in the U.S.A”~Bruce Springsteen

“All-American Girl”~Carrie Underwood

“Arlington”~Toby Keith

“God Bless the USA”~Lee Greenwood


My Independence Day was celebrated all weekend long, starting with a Dodger game on Friday night. What say “America” more than an evening spent at the ballpark? The holiday carried over into Saturday, when most of my relatives came over for bbq, fireworks and specials on TV. I especially had a lot of fun lighting the sparklers, even if they weren’t exactly the best and it took multiple tries before they’d actually light up. We even had a birthday cake to celebrate the occasion.


Happy birthday, America! Here’s to another great year.


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