Friday Favorites

Chris Young’s cover of “Don’t Close Your Eyes” at the Grand Ole Opry

Let’s be honest, this isn’t a new favorite. I discovered it a few years ago and have loved it ever since. I think Keith Whitley is the epitome of country music, and Young has a similar style to him, whether it’s one of his drinking songs or a touching ballad. When he sings, you feel it and he’s just so irresistibly charming.



Lady Antebellum’s acoustic version of “Something Better” 

Lady Antebellum is one of those rare finds, where they can sing, pop, rock or country and it sounds authentic every time, no matter what they do. I fell in love with their new song, “Something Better” with Audien, because not only is it techno, funky and great to rock out to, but it has a great message. Then, today, they released an acoustic version that made my mouth drop. Instead of being a fun dance song, they slowed it down and made it this beautiful ballad in true Lady A fashion. Their harmonies are unstoppable.


Splendid strappy sandals

So, I went into DSW the other day (AGAIN), not needing anything and not necessarily planning on buying anything. Well, I came out with a pair of shoes and a Lucky Brand satchel. I’ve been looking for some brown sandals, and had looked at some by Michael Kors, but they didn’t have my size. I happened to find these in the clearance section and it was a real Cinderella moment, because they fit perfectly. I think I’ve worn them every day since buying them last Friday. They not only go with everything, dressy or casual, but they are incredibly comfortable.


Holly Williams’ blog “The Afternoon Off”

I think Holly Williams is such a gem in country music, though she doesn’t get the radio time that she deserves. I love her style, her voice, her unique style of telling a story in such a poetic manner, along with her blog and store. She has this old soul vibe and yet is so ahead of her time. I think she’s fantastic. She’s chic and country…And that’s kind of legendary, much like her family.

holly williams

Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs

I had heard about this book from Charles Kelley’s wife, Cassie, on Twitter. She had posted about it multiple times and seemed to tweet with the author, so I thought I’d check her profile out. She lived in Nashville, loved God and seemed to live a pretty cool life of encouraging others. Her book “Let’s All Be Brave” sounded like something I needed to hear and last weekend, I finally picked it up. I haven’t really been able to put it down since then. She talks about the moments that she was afraid, but when she also worked through that and God brought her to some of the best moments she’s ever had. As I venture into this new chapter of my life and transition into some new territories, this book is not only helping me come up with questions  for my own life, but is backed up with God’s word, which is His promise to all of us. It has given me a lot to think and pray about in the upcoming days.


Lifeway Christian Stores

I can’t express how much I love this store. Barnes and Noble usually doesn’t have what I’m looking for, and as I get older, I tend to just stick with Christian fiction and non-fiction, when I’m looking for something new to read. I’ve found that I relate with it better and even if I’m reading about fictional characters, I get something deeper out of it that I can apply to my own life, especially my spiritual life. I could spend hours just wandering the aisles, looking at different covers and hearing about the different journeys of the authors and even getting inspiration for my own books someday. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in there lately, and have come out with at least 2-3 books. It’s so hard to choose what to put back.


Alright, so those are just a few of the things that I’m into right now. But, I’m always finding new songs and books that I love, so stay tuned for more of that.


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