Fall Fun

September 21 marked the first official day of the fall season, but in California it’s a bit harder to believe. But, the weather is cooler in the mornings and evenings, and I’ve been able to wear sweatshirts…So my heart is certainly happy about that. Now, I can have pumpkin flavored drinks, carve pumpkins, paint my nails different colors and pull out my sweaters and boots. The weather is changing, and with it comes a new season.

Yesterday, my parents and I took a drive to a town less than an hour away from our hometown to Tehachapi, Calif. It’s the kind of town like something out of a Hallmark movie; charming and quiet with boutiques, diners and a whole lot of nature.

We had lunch at one of the diners on Main Street – I had a tuna melt. YUM! I’d wanted to find an alpaca farm, because I heard they had a few, so we ended up driving out to one in the countryside. We didn’t walk around or anything, because no one came out to check on us and we weren’t exactly sure if we were supposed to call first, so we just watched them from the car (which probably sounds very weird, now that I think about it). But, OHMYGOSH…Alpacas are my favorite. They have such a chill attitude and can we talk about their hair?? SO FLUFFY.

I couldn’t get over the scenery as we drove the back roads. It was almost like we were transported to Montana or some other area of the country, without the traveling expenses.


The past couple years, we’ve gone to an apple orchard in town and now it’s something I’ve grown to anticipate. We picked out many different kinds of apples and put them in our bag to take home. The weather was cool and there wasn’t a huge crowd, after we made our way to the boxes. They also offer apple cider and sell a variety of festive juices, which now I wish we would’ve bought some. I started not feeling so great, though, so we decided to head out soon after.




Before heading for home just yet, we tried finding a lookout spot to watch the famous Loop, but let’s just say that the GPS sent us on a bit of a wild goose chase and had us taking weird exits. I was also still not feeling great, so we called it a day and came home to hang out at home the rest of the afternoon.

I was able to relax in my cozy clothes for quite awhile and read. Later on, we went out for dinner and picked out pumpkins at Save Mart, because contrary to what one might think, they usually have the best pumpkins. It was also one of my favorite shopping trips, because there was practically no one else in the store and they played great music, so occasionally I would spin around down the aisle. But, then I felt sick after that, so I stopped. Our cat is now super fascinated by the pumpkins and is really excited about Halloween, he and keeps wanting to lick them. Yes, he’s strange.


This afternoon, my mom and I made caramel apples with a new Disney kit we picked up last night at the store. While they didn’t exactly turn out extremely fancy like the box shows, we still had a lot of fun making them, and it wasn’t as long of a process as I expected. But, I’ve always wanted to make caramel apples and now I can mark that off my list. YAY!!



I am definitely getting in the spirit for fall and I am so excited about this season.

That’s all for now,


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