Wheel of the World


Thursday night, my best friend and I went to the county fair. It’s funny, I thought we had fun last year at the fair, but I think this time topped that. There’s something magical about the fair – maybe it’s my hopeless romantic soul or the cutesy backdrop it makes for chick flicks, but I love going to the fair.

We went straight to the photo booths, because we weren’t sure what exactly we wanted to do just yet, which was so fun! Plus, who doesn’t love a good film strip souvenir?



We then went to the Boy Scouts booth for dinner – both of us had nachos with chili on them. YUM! And it just wouldn’t be the fair if you didn’t run into someone we know. We ran into one of my best friends and her dad, who were there for a concert.  Shortly after our nachos were ready, the two of us sat down at a nearby table and caught up on the week’s craziness. And there was a whole lot of crazy involved.

When we were finished, we were almost immediately ready for treats. So, we ordered smoothies, which were basically just frozen drinks that came in large fancy cups. We walked around, looking at the animals and the other booths set up on the side streets. We even went to the petting zoo and ran into one of my good family friends! The animals are always one of THE best parts with their unpredictability and attitudes.



After wandering around, we decided that we were going to ride the ferris wheel, because can you really go to the fair without riding something? I mean, sure, you can, but it’s just way more fun when you do. I can’t remember the last time I rode the ferris wheel at the carnivals or fairs. I went on one in South Carolina, and that was CRAZY, but it had been years since I’d done the other. We found a way to pass the time by talking about some things that, well, only best friends would dare to venture to and soon, it was our turn. As we climbed in the bucket and made our way, little by little to the top, my stomach was flipping over itself. It’s crazy when you look out and see how far you are from the safe and comfortable ground. After we’d gone completely around a couple times, I felt relaxed and let myself enjoy the ride as we ‘oohed’ and ‘aww’d’ at the neon sights in the distance. Each and every time we came around, there was a certain spot just before lifting a little higher that gave me butterflies as I anticipated the climb to the top. I’d say life does the same thing. As we cruised around during our final venture, I took one last long look at the bottom and said to Marissa, “You know, I bet if you were to look at your life, it would look a lot like a carnival from the top of a ferris wheel.” In one section, you have the kiddie rides, in another you have games and people trying to talk you into buying stuff and in another, you have the big intimidating rides like another ferris wheel and the fun house. All of these different portions seem to represent your life, or at least they represent all the different stages of my own life right now. It’s terrifying, nerve-racking and absolutely beautiful and lovely in the end as you look at it in a larger picture. Sometimes that means taking a step back to see what your life actually looks like.






We had ourselves a blast and in turn, decided to ride the LARGE ferris wheel – the one that everyone can see from the freeway, miles away. This time, we warmed up and ready for the ride. We also giggled like little girls every time we made our way to the top and hated to see it slow down and come to an end. It was over too quickly.



The evening was growing later, so we decided to get a sweet treat – a funnel cake that was about a mile high. It was caramel turtle something or another with plenty of caramel, chocolate, nuts and whipped cream to go around. We pretty much attacked it after finding a nice, quiet spot near a courtyard. I’d like to call that our spot, since we found a sweet treat and did the same thing last year, dishing about all of our troubles that seemed so big and important at the time, only to realize bigger things have happened since then.


We decided to close out the evening by wandering through the exhibits and buying each other wooden roses (apparently another tradition of ours), then laughing and getting into deep conversation. Life changes and so do relationships, but it’s nice when you have certain constant in your life like your best friend and the fair. No matter what happens in between, you know it’ll still be there.

That’s all for now,


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