Happy Halloween!

12122438_10207217648226844_6208501875997467213_nHalloween has never been my favorite holiday by any means, and I always found it so strange when people were super fanatical about it. Sure, I loved dressing up and going to harvest festivals, watching Halloween specials, and the like. But then I also hit this point where I couldn’t really stand it. I didn’t understand the hype of it – what was the point of all the dressing up? Getting candy from strangers? Say what??

I think I just wanted to be against something for the sake of it.

Now, as I’ve gotten older, I’m into it again, simply for the fact of celebrating all of the holidays and getting into the spirit of doing something fun. I have so many wonderful memories of going around my childhood neighborhood in my costume, trick-or-treating and all of the anticipation leading up to it. I loved that I got be someone else for a bit, and maybe that’s why I fell so in love with acting and theater. It felt like a special occasion every time I did a show. *sigh*

Today, I have zero plans. I’m not going to a party, I doubt I’ll be getting together with anyone and that’s okay. It is what it is. Someday I’ll have kids to trick-or-treat with and do the cutesy family costume thing, but until then, I will just wear my Captain America sweater and call that “dressing up” and continue watching the first season of “Scandal.”

Photo on 10-31-15 at 11.05 AM #2

Yup. And now the “holiday season” can officially commence.

That is all,

Shelby 🙂

Happy Halloween from The Girl with No Plans!

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