We Did The Mash…We Did The Monster Mash

So, here I was this morning, thinking my plans were going to fall through and I would end up home alone on Halloween. Pity party at an extreme, right? I mean, there are worse things in life, but I also wasn’t exactly thrilled at the thought either.

Well, the day has turned out absolutely nothing like I thought it would… in the best way. I dressed in my best Halloween themed attire, which was my Captain America sweater and a blue bandana that I used as a headband. Then, we had lunch at one of the hot spots in town, a Basque restaurant, Woolgrowers. Oh, so delicious! Normally, my best friend and I hang out on Halloween, but I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to tonight or not…Anyway, she sent me a text and said she should be able to, so I was really excited and went into planning mode for the evening.


After we finished lunch, we had a few errands to run! First stop was World Market and probably my favorite store EVER! I wanted to pick up a few things for the festivities tonight and suddenly I wanted everything. They had plates, cups, boxes for treats, decorations and more.

Just past the Halloween section were aisles and aisles of Christmas decor and treats. That’s when it hit me…During the summer, we’re rushing to Halloween. At Halloween, we’re rushing to Christmas. At Christmas, they’re already thinking about the New Year and Valentine’s Day. Do you sense a pattern here? We never seem to be content with the season we’re in…And that goes for life in general. We’re always onto that next goal or celebrating that next accomplishment, and we never just take a step back to enjoy that particular moment that we’re in, WHILE we’re in it. But, I enjoyed looking at all of the neat kitchen knick knacks as I made a mental list of what I wanted and how I’ll need to go back before the next holiday.

Next up was Kohl’s, where I freaked out over every piece of clothing from Lauren Conrad’s line and imagined all of the fancy places I would go if I was a fancy person. I did get a really nice blazer that I can wear to work, church or a nice dinner with friends. It’s very versatile.

I also had my parents stop at Starbucks on our way home, because today was the last day to get a Frappula Frapp drinks, obviously made to look like Dracula with blood and all dripping down the sides. It was also kind of fun to hear my dad order it, because he was dying of laughter at the name and was trying to get it out. (Don’t tell him I told you). It was so tasty with strawberry syrup on top, a dash of mocha and I believe most of it was vanilla…


We stopped at Sam’s Club to pick up candy and came home. I played with my dog, Rory, for a few minutes, then decided to take a shower and settle in for the night.

If you know me, you obviously know I’m a HUGEHUGEHUGE “Gilmore Girls” fan. Scott Patterson (aka Luke from the show) was holding a contest on Twitter with sending him pictures of people dressing like Luke for Halloween. I had to at least try it, so I put on my best flannel and hat, so I could send to him. I also had to set the scene and make my kitchen look as authentic as possible before I tweeted out the picture. I was pretty proud of it!


Around six o’clock, my parents met up with some family friends for dinner, while I stayed home and waited for my best friend to come over. I was a little paranoid while alone, because I kept hearing all kinds of noises outside and my imagination goes a little wild. I’d left Rory outside for a bit, but decided I’d rather have her inside. Marissa came over around 7, and we made dinner – festive Halloween pasta, salad, and yummy flavored drinks (non-alcoholic, of course). We also made some pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting, which were very tasty. Oh yeah, and I’d picked up some glow-in-the-dark masks awhile back when I thought we were going to get together for the occasion, so she wore a cat mask and I was a princess. Good times, for sure.






As we sat down with our pasta and salad in the living room, we watched holiday-themed episodes of “The Office,” “Friends,” and “Parks and Rec.” After we finished, I cleaned the kitchen and put the cookies away, then cozied up on the couch again.



Marissa hasn’t been feeling well, so she left a little earlier and I completely understood. Luckily, we’ll also have Wednesday to catch up and have another fun time!

I decided to get Rory out of her cage and she (somewhat) cuddled up with me on the couch, while I read and decided to watch “Gilmore Girls.” I had a really great day and evening, and NOW I’m officially even more excited for the holiday season to come.

That’s all for now,


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