It Is Well With My Soul


“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.”

~Psalm 62:5~

These past couple weeks have been tough for many different reasons. Work has been going through many transitions, and it’s hard to feel that there’s any stability in what we’re doing and where we’re going, let alone to wrap my mind around the process. But, more importantly, a couple Sundays ago, my grandpa went into the ER because his blood sugar was high. He came home, then went back the next day, because they’d found something else. From there, it has been one thing after another with his body. The outcome doesn’t look so good right now, but I also know that we serve a BIG God, who, no matter what the outcome, hears us and is constantly fighting for us. He is good even when the stats and orders of the doctor don’t look so positive.

Seeing your loved one, helpless and lying in a hospital bed reminds that you absolutely nothing else matters. The guy who doesn’t want to date you? The job that’s on the fence? The time that has been wasted? Let it all go, because there’s only right now. Capture it, hold onto it and don’t let THAT go.

Last Friday night, as my mom and I sat in the hospital visiting with him, we started talking.

“Growing old ain’t for sissies,” he told me.

“So you keep telling me,” I laughed to myself.

“Shelby says ‘growing up isn’t for sissies’ either,” my mom chimed in for me.

That’s when the conversation turned a little more serious.

“You have so much to look forward to in life,” his voice was stern and solid. I thought about my grandpa’s life, as he sat up in his hospital bed. All 85 years of his life. He was a preacher, he’s lived in many different cities, he’s worked many jobs, he raised four boys…He’s accomplished a lot.

I kept nodding as he spoke, knowing it in my heart and mind, but not completely believing, as I started thinking about my own life.

He continued by saying, “God’s going to take you to places that you can’t even think of right now.” It felt like a passing of the baton or torch right then. He talked about God’s perfect will for my life, which he has been stressing to me a lot and praying for in the past several months specifically.

I don’t know the outcome of all of this. I know that our family is praying and that our hope is in Christ. It may not be the answer that we’re hoping for, but I know that in ALL things, God works things for the good for those who love Him. I know He’s doing something right now. There’s a season and a timing for everything, even when we don’t quite understand it, and right now, we’re just trusting in God’s timing.

That’s all for now,



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