I love all holidays. Not only for the decorations and food, but for the togetherness of family and friends. Christmas has always been my favorite, but there’s always something so exciting about Easter that fills my stomach with butterflies and my heart with hope. It’s unlike any other day of the year. The weather is generally sunny, warm and happy; things are laid back with the family, and most important, we celebrate the fact that our Lord and Savior rose again on the third day. It doesn’t get much better than that y’all. But, I wondered what it was about Easter that makes it feel so different than Christmas. I mean, that was the day that our Savior was sent to this world in the form of a baby. He came to save the world.

This afternoon, I was scrolling through Instagram and a post from a Christian blogger I follow caught my eye:

Easter. As a Christian, this is not just a day to be thankful. This is not only a day to celebrate. I mean, this is the day of all days! The day that our whole faith is based on. If Christ is dead, then what? If he had stayed in that grave, we would be dead. If there were no Easter, we are all of men most miserable. Outside of this day, there is no hope for the world. This is the day it all hinges on. The day Jesus proved to be the one and only God, conquering death for all to see and bringing us to life two thousand years later. This is the Gospel. 

~The Full Time Girl 

But, the thing that makes Easter different is that it was a defining moment for Christ followers. Because He died on the cross for our sins, because he took the blame for any dumb thing we’d ever do and He loved us in spite of those things…Our world was forever changed. Our faith was restored that day. We now serve a risen King, who is still alive and is part of our lives in a very real and present way. His death on the cross is a testament to the definition of sacrifices and true love. His resurrection reminds us that He always fulfills His promises. I, for one, could not be more thankful.

Today is the first holiday without my grandpa, who passed away about a week-and-a-half ago. But, even in the midst of missing him and our family shifting again, it has been such a beautiful and glorious day. We went to church, we had lunch together and we came back to our house to dye Easter eggs and listened to Alan Jackson’s inspirational album, “Precious Memories.”



Like many people, I have that desire to be loved, to feel loved…To know that no matter what I do, someone is going to value me, cherish me, and never let go. I’ve looked for that kind of validation in many ways – music, my job, writing, friends and family. But, people have let me down and have drifted away. Because that’s what people do. However, God constantly pursues us and desires us. He doesn’t force a relationship, but he always lets us know that He is there. His love is relentless and never gives up on us. I’ve grown up in church and I’ve known this my entire life, but as I continue to walk in my relationship with God and I start to think about this, it completely boggles my mind. I now know what ‘He is jealous for me’ truly means.

They say you should listen closely to the words of a dying man, because he’s going to have a different perspective on life. When I think about how my grandpa passed away not long before Easter, I feel like it’s something Biblical. His death reminded me of the hope that we have in Christ. We’re all going to miss him dearly and our lives won’t be the same, but having I’m so grateful for the lessons he taught us and the words he spoke in his time here on earth. And I’m so glad that I know he’s in Heaven, singing with the angels and that our family will be reunited with him once again.

I understand that Jesus is doing a new thing in my life and He is the one I can put all of my hope and trust in. He hasn’t let me down yet and I know He never will, even if His answer isn’t what I’ve been praying for. Easter is a day of renewed strength; a reminder that we trust in someone much bigger than us or any of the circumstances we might face. It is so good to know that.

That’s all for now,



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