Thoughts while watching “Scandal”


  • I really wanted to hate Olivia and Mr. President being together…. But I don’t. 
  • I like them. 
  • But, where’s Scott Foley? That’s really what I’m here for. Besides the epic story lines.
  • Millie is that person you love to hate. Or at least I do. She’s so good at being BAD.
  • How is Olivia’s hair so perfect? And it bounces just so when she walks. I wonder what hair spray she uses.
  • Hmm… I need to update my wardrobe. 
  • I just want to be able to walk into a room and say “it’s handled” all Olivia Pope-like.
  • I can’t always keep up with what the heck is going on…these stories move FAST. I like it, but I should pay attention. 
  • So much blood.
  • What in the world does Shonda Rhimes’ brain look like ?!?!?!
  • Where’s Jake? What season does he come in? Are they still together now? 
  • The President just got shot… WHAT?!?
  • these people are sneaky.
  • Man, Millie will do anything to stay in the White House, even inducing labor early. Wow. 
  • Supreme Court Justice lady told him the truth…
  • Uh-oh, Mr. president found out about the ballots in Ohio. NOOOOO
  • Her funeral… Cause he killed her. Good one… NOT! 
  • “Don’t wait for me…” He tells Liv. Ummm, okay. 
  • She knows he knows.
  • Now he’s kind of being a baby…. 
  • JAKE!!!! he’s so charming and funny. This show needs a little more humor. 
  • Awww! Why no date with good guy?!
  • More politics and craziness. SCANDALOUS.
  • Mr. president pulls Olivia into the closet with her to do the nasty and then says we’re done… You’ve gotta be kidding me. You and me, we’re done. No. That’s when I stopped liking you Mr. president. You’re kind of scummy. 
  • #WasalwaysteamJakeanyway
  • But, wait… Cameras set up to watch Olivia Pope. 
  • Jake is smooth. He is one step ahead of her. She needs someone like that. 
  • “You’re hard to please.” “You really suck at dating.” She NEEDS him. Gosh, he’s good.
  • “I like a challenge.”   
  • Okay, I’m just going to enjoy these episodes and hoping that these two don’t let me down. 

That’s all for now,


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