Captain Jake Ballard Appreciation Post


Okay, so my recent obsession is “Scandal,” and I am almost finished with season 4, after starting about a week or week-and-a-half ago. The real reason I started watching? Scott Foley. I was a huge fan of his on “Felicity” and something about his character drew me in immediately. I’ve seen posts about Jake Ballard and why he’s so amazing, but most just have to do with the fact that he’s hot and how good he looks in a suit.


There’s no denying that, of course, but that’s not at all why I like him or why I genuinely want to see him succeed. His character is so different than any of the others. While it seems hard to find out who’s good and who’s bad on this particular series, he’s the one I constantly root for.

  • He’s loyal – to his “friends” and especially to Liv. He does what he can to help out, but also knows when to break it off.


  • I might not always agree with what he does, but it seems to me that more than any of the others, he tries to seek out doing the right thing and seems to feel something when it didn’t exactly go as it should’ve.


  • He’s witty and sarcastic – obviously a favorite thing of mine, because it just keeps things fun and interesting. That’s my sense of humor.


  • He’s a man’s man. He’s solid; knows what he likes, what he wants. He also knows what he doesn’t like and stands by that. tumblr_o1bkyf0cwr1roxa1wo3_r2_500.gif
  • He knows what he deserves. anigif_enhanced-8307-1397856672-11.gif
  • Even when he’s a jerk, at least he admits he’s a jerk. He doesn’t try to sugarcoat his mistakes or the decisions he made. He owns it. He’s not afraid to tell it like it is.



  • Everyone else tends to seem stale in their emotions at times, like they close themselves off to feeling. But, Jake seems to let himself feel whatever it’s going through.



  • He cares and he just wants others to feel the same way.


  • But, the number one reason I think he’s so great, especially out of the two choices for Olivia…He’s always one step ahead of her. On their “first date,” he was constantly beating her to the punchline. It was like he already knew who she was…And I guess technically he did, but in a way that went beyond watching her every move.




And I just want to see him happy and to stand in the sun with Olivia, if that’s what he wants.

That’s all for now,


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