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“Felicity” hits me right in the feels. Right in my 90s-TV-loving-feels. I think I love how accurately they depict the innocence (and the loss of it) for 20-somethings embarking on their journey and starting their lives in the real world.

I had started watching several years ago on Netflix, but stopped around the end of season two or the beginning of season three. But, life got busy or I didn’t quite find the time to devote to watching it (like I usually love to when I get obsessed with a show). And then, when I was ready to pick it up again, they had taken the show off Netflix. Every once in awhile, I would wonder how the series ended. After starting “Scandal,” it really raised my curiosity for the show. So, a couple weekends ago, I bought all four seasons on Amazon and I’ve been watching nonstop since.

Anywhoooo…. I love the simpleness and complexity that is paralleled in such a beautiful way. The story lines are real, and because of that, it isn’t exactly epic. You aren’t necessarily sitting on the edge of your seat with anticipation, but you are waiting to see what happens to these characters, just like you would with your friends in real-time. Your heart breaks for them as they experience their first big mistakes, heartbreaks, relationships and so on. And let me tell you, there’s plenty of that. “Felicity” was really ahead of its time, dealing with sensitive issues like abortion, rape and the morning after pill. It’s a coming-of-age story as we see Felicity choose a major, pick her friends, make major decisions and of course, the main story line, choosing between two guys: Ben or Noel.

I will forever be Team Noel, because Scott Foley. He’s the all around good guy. He’s reliable and despite their messy break up in season two (because they pulled a Ross and Rachel and were somewhat “on a break” when Noel’s ex, Hannah, came to town), he is still her friend, because he genuinely loves her. He wants the best for her. He wants to see her smile. He wants her to be happy, even if that means not being with him. This is a guy who starts out as the RN, who simply gives her advice and she falls in love with him.

But, here’s the thing about the show…While, I’m Team Noel all the way, JJ Abrams wanted Felicity and Ben to end up together from the beginning. So along the way, Ben starts to grow on you and you don’t mind them being together. At some point, you even start to root for them. And then Ben has this way of constantly getting under my skin. He gets mad at Felicity for getting drunk and sleeping with someone else at a party (even though he finds out later that nothing else happened) and yet, it’s okay for him to go off to South Hampton with the girl that gets shot at Felicity’s party, who he saves in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Suddenly, he’s indebted to her and it’s okay for him to feel confused about his feelings. HUH??? At least she had known and dated Noel. For him to run off with some stranger he didn’t know is ridiculous. He has an anger issue, for one, and another, he just doesn’t appreciate how special Felicity is or what they have together. She bends over backwards for their relationship (and yes, maybe that is her own fault for putting up with it), but I think it’s just because she cares so deeply about him.

I know she ends up with Ben, because there are countless blogs on the internet, and I’ve already read how it ends, I just haven’t seen it yet. I’m a few episodes into season four, and I think part of me is delaying that process, because I just don’t want to see it end. This has quickly become one of my favorite shows for the way they approached topics, the theme of goodness and doing the right thing that always shined through and core values, like friendship were celebrated.

I’m sure I’ll be back to talk (or rant) about the series once I’ve completed it. Until then, have you watched “Felicity” or are you obsessed with any other shows right now? Let me know!

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