God Moment

God meets us where we’re at and in doing so, He uses all kinds of mediums to speak into our lives. Most of the time, it’s through my friends, who speak words of wisdom they had no idea I needed to hear. Occasionally, He uses my favorite TV shows. Like last night.

I’ve been watching “Felicity,” which is no secret or surprise at this point. And I’ve made it to the last five episodes, which seems to be extremely controversial among the fandom. Because I’ve read a lot of spoilers, I know that these last five episodes take a weird time jump, where Felicity basically gets a do over. She has a chance to go back and choose Noel, after she realizes that things between her and Ben are messy, and after she’s caught him cheating on her. She’s done. She wonders what life would have been like if she’d made it work when she slept with Noel.

As humans, we put a lot of emphasis and pressure on the decisions that we make. And we are faced with plenty each day. What if I pick the wrong car? What if I hate this job? What if I should have said yes to a date with that guy instead of walking away? We think one tiny move can destroy our lives. Felicity, as I’ve come to see since I finished the last five episodes, gets to go back and chooses differently than she originally did. But, in picking Noel, it shifted everything else. Some for better and others for worse.

But, here’s the thing – when we follow Christ, He works ALL things together for the good of those who love Him. WHAT? Yup. It’s totally true. So…That breakup. That unplanned pregnancy. That failed venture. When you were fired from that job. All of those defining moments that made you think your life was over, is actually just stepping stones in God’s bigger plan. He turns our messes into our message. We don’t have to constantly worry that we’ve gone down the wrong path or that the thing or person we chose is unfixable, because it isn’t.

Felicity represents a lot of girls, especially in college, who wish they could just snap their fingers and get a new life. Essentially, we get that do-over with God. No, it isn’t quite that simple and there are still consequences for our actions, but He makes something beautiful out of that crappy situation that we never could have imagined. Watching “Felicity” reminded me of that. It reminded me that I don’t have to sit there and worry about those decisions I made or even how it’s going to affect my future, because as long as I’m seeking God and HIS plan for my life, I’ll be okay.

Also, expect a full rant/review of the “Felicity” ending and those last few time travel episodes of season four.

That’s all for now,





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