Felicity: How I’m Moving On


Normally after a series finale of one of my favorite TV shows, I’m a sobbing mess. I’m sad because it’s over and I’m in a ‘don’t talk to me’ mood, because I need time to process. “Felicity,” though, it only had four seasons, quickly became a show I adored and loved. I cared about the characters and their story lines. So, that’s why now, instead of feeling sad, I’m just…Confused. I have a lot of questions.

We start our journey at Felicity’s high school graduation. We see her infatuation with “cool guy” Ben and then we watch her follow him to New York City, because of a sweet note he wrote in her yearbook. Ultimately, he still has no idea she exists. So, at the beginning she’s just the weird, stalker girl. Over time, they become friends and that works for them. And then she meets Noel, the RA. He’s instantly smitten with her. They eventually start dating and suddenly, Ben is kind of interested in her.

Then, Noel’s ex-girlfriend (well, also girlfriend at the time – you just have to watch it to see everything in between) comes into the picture and suddenly he’s confused. He starts thinking about his relationship with Hannah and Felicity, and it kind of scares Felicity. So, what does she do? She sleeps with some random guy in the art building that she’s talked to a couple times. Great first time, right? That totally destroys the relationship she had with Noel.

A lot of stuff happens in between and then as the year comes to a close, she’s faced with a couple decisions to make. Ben wants her to go on a road trip with him back to their hometown of Palo Alto. Noel buys her a ticket to go with him on a trip of a lifetime in Germany. Well, that’s when Julie (Felicity’s friend) opens her mouth and shares the information about Felicity sleeping with art guy. Long story short, Noel writes Felicity a letter and says she still means the world to him and he hopes she uses the ticket to Germany.


Now, you understand the premise of the show. The big question… Ben or Noel?

                                        Ben Covington (Scott Speedman)


Noel Crane (Scott Foley)


We’re left with a cliffhanger in season one. In season two, we see that she chose Ben and they shared an incredible time on their trip together. Shortly after, they break up. And get back together later on. In season three, Ben saves the life of a girl who gets shot at a party held at Felicity’s apartment. But, then she becomes obsessed with him and tries to break him and Felicity up. He goes to South Hampton with her, because he’s also confused about his feelings for Felicity (Poor Felicity, am I right??) and they have this special connection because of that night in the ambulance when he kept telling her to keep holding on. So, Felicity visits him in South Hampton, and doesn’t know that the “victim” has just kissed Ben. Victim girl causes a lot of drama when they get back and tells Noel that her and Ben slept together. Yikes! There’s a lot of back and forth – friends, romantic relationships, parents, the like. Anyone who’s survived college, knows exactly how that goes.


Season four brings a lot of real drama and mind trippy moments. It’s SO different from any of the other seasons, which weirded me out, because I hate change. This is when the real life questioning starts kicking in, and while the love triangle is still in there, we also see Felicity start to wonder about what she’s going to do after college and we see Ben start to buckle down more when it comes to studying. And just when I was starting to like Ben and root for him and Felicity to be together, he has that one night stand with Lauren (his dad’s AA sponsor) and finds out he’s having a kid with her. WHAT?? Somehow in the mix of that, he also tries to blame Felicity for that. I mean, I guess I did leave the part about her sleeping with Noel out….GULP. But, you get the picture. Ben does apologize after, which seems to be a common theme for him. Yes, Ben is dreamy and swoon-worthy and all of those things. But, he is not reliable. He says a lot of things and doesn’t follow-through, which is one of my biggest pet peeves.  It also makes me wonder why Felicity puts up with it. But, I’ve never been in love, so maybe I just don’t understand how screwed up it can be. I’m sure, in his own way, he really did love her and you start to see a different side of him, because he wants to be better for Felicity. But, I feel like they didn’t get to explore that to its fullest potential.


The graduation episode (which has been argued, should have been the series finale) hit me hard. Just a year ago, I was getting ready to graduate and I remember all of those confusing feelings with embarking on a new journey on my own and wondering what would happen with several friendships at the time. And then, comes the last five episodes. Oh, those famous last five episodes that I’d read so much about. I debated on not watching them, just because I knew it might change my entire view on the series. But, I also knew I had come this far and being the dedicated fan that I am, I still had to go through with it, no matter how painful. And it was. The real ending came when we see that Ben comes back to Palo Alto to make things work with Felicity (he moved to Arizona to be closer to his son). But, then we see him cheat on Felicity, because that’s just kind of a thing he does apparently. Then, Elena dies and it brings them back to New York. Noel is also getting married. Felicity and Ben are reunited, and she starts to wonder what life would have been like if she’d chosen Noel. Megan does a spell and poof, a few years back Felicity goes. But, in choosing Noel, it completely shifts everything around her, showing that the decisions we make do affect others in our lives. I do have to say, I enjoyed the Ben in these episodes over the other one we usually got. He was a lot more understanding when Felicity said that she cheated with Noel and he actually pursued her and kept saying they could make it work. He was more outspoken and seemed to fight for her more than just playing the pity party card. That was a Ben I could’ve gotten on board with. Then, Noel dies. Julie comes back. Shawn and Megan break up. Everything is a mess, really. And then, while you’re just starting to get used to this new future/world that Felicity is living in, she wakes up and it was all just a dream. Noel gets married. Her and Ben seem to try to make it work and then Elena’s back (which is a real head scratcher, since the main reason they returned was for her FUNERAL. Continuity seems a little sketchy here). All in all, it did still get a decent ending.

So, basically, the Noel, Ben and Felicity love triangle carries on throughout the show. I will always be Team Noel, because it doesn’t matter who he ended up with, he’s just genuinely one of those characters that I wanted to be happy, and I loved his friendship with Felicity. No matter what weirdness was going on, he was still looking out for her. Whether or not he ended up with her. And he didn’t. And I don’t think there’s any better kind of friendship than that. I guess that’s also the realistic part of the show. Sometimes, the person you thought you were going to be with doesn’t work out and you meet someone else along the way. On paper, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but in the real world…It just works. Well enough. And sometimes, we don’t always make the best decisions. That’s also represented a lot here.


If I were Felicity, yes, I would have had a crush on Ben for about five minutes and then it would have burned out. Noel is the guy I would want. He’s steady, reliable, loyal and you know what you’re getting with him. He doesn’t play games. But, Felicity was at a stage where she wanted her world to be rocked a little more than knowing what was coming. After all, she didn’t follow a guy to college for nothing, right? Even if you know what’s going to happen on this show, like I did, I think there are so many life lessons that make you stop and think throughout the series.

It’s been two days and I’m still not over it. I’m still wondering what has happened to these characters. What would they be up to today? Now, I NEED a reunion, like yesterday. With all of these reboots happening, it’s bound to happen, don’t you think?

I also found this incredible article online of a girl’s analyzation between the Noel or Ben debate. Read it here:  http://foreveryoungadult.com/2011/04/20/a-highly-scientific-analysis-of-ben-vs-noel/

That’s all for now,

Shelby 🙂

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