Book Review: “Celebrate” by Lauren Conrad


I’ve followed Lauren Conrad’s career like most 20-somethings, since her days on MTV’s “The Hills.” Yes, she was one of the original reality stars, but I always felt that she was different from the others. I felt like she used her platform to further her career, one that she had already gone to school and studied for. I always believed her to be a serious businesswoman, the one that she’s become.

Most of the time when I’m looking for something to wear when it comes to a special occasion, Lauren Conrad’s line tends to be my go-to. So, when she releases a new book, I rush out to get it. Her previous works, “Style” and “Beauty” are two of my guides when it comes to planning hair, makeup and outfits for a special occasion. Imagine my excitement to see that her latest book was all about planning the occasion itself. I’m a type-A planner through and through. I like details and all of my ducks in a row. I also love a good reason to celebrate with loved ones, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Independence Day, Christmas or someone’s birthday.

Conrad breaks each occasion into its own section from baby showers and bachelorettes to birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. She offers her own insight from parties and events that she’s hosted over the years with pictures galore and shows that it truly is all about presentation. Yes, she’s practically a professional party planner/lifestyle brand extraordinaire, but her ideas are really aimed towards young professionals/those still building their lives and careers. There are drink recipes, outfit ideas, playlist suggestions and of course, how to plan it all out accordingly and in time for the big day.

The entire time I was reading, I just kept fantasizing of an event planning career and how fun it would be to create these magical worlds for special occasions from time to time -what an escape that would be. To some degree. I’m always fascinated by our event coordinators at work who turn a typical room into this beautiful atmosphere where people spend just a couple hours of their day laughing, celebrating a brief moment and mingling with others they might not get to see all the time. After reading about bashes, the perfect attire, beautiful locations and scenery, I was either ready to throw a party myself, write about one or wished one of my friends needed help with a get together. This is definitely a reference book that I will be going back to in the future.

Lauren Conrad has done it again.


That’s all for now,



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