Full House: The Next Generation


If you were to ask me which fictional television family I wish was my own, I’d say the Tanners. If you know who I’m talking about, you probably grew up in the 90s and were a “Full House” fan, too. The show ended in 1995, when I was just four-years-old, so no, I wasn’t a dedicated fan from the start and have no recollection of watching it on ABC’s Friday night lineup. But, this show has always been a staple in my life, even if it was already in reruns by the time I got into it.

I always wanted a full house of my own. Somehow, the idea of living with my aunts, uncles and cousins in the middle of complete chaos sounded like fun to me. Now that I’m older, realistically, I wonder how that actually works out and how they wouldn’t have driven each other completely bonkers. And yet, we all tend to desire some aspect of those close-knit families. Or at least I did as an only child. When I was younger, I would make my aunt and grandpa pretend to be Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse, and I’d try to get my friends to play it at recess, while most kids were playing things like hopscotch or double Dutch….That explains so much these days.

But, I digress. My friend, Mandy and I were obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who were also known as, the adorably charming, Michelle Tanner. We were in the fan clubs, we pretended to be them. We wished we were friends with them. I mean, after all, they were practically the queens of the 90s. We owned their school supplies, clothes from their fashion line, their movies, their posters, and so on. We had the “Full House” scrapbooks, Mandy had the talking Michelle doll and so on.

So, imagine our excitement when they announced that Full House was coming back once again, later announced, “Fuller House.” The gang all being back together again? Well, that’s the stuff that dreams are made of. Of course, as we all know now, the Olsen twins didn’t return to the show…But, the possibility of going to a taping with the “Full House” gang?? That’s all I could hope for. And tomorrow *FINGERS CROSSED* it will become a reality for Mandy, my mom and I. We have tickets, but in Hollywood, that’s never a guarantee, thanks to the VIP lists. You can wait seven hours in line, and still not get in, because George Clooney’s assistant’s daughter wanted a ticket to the show. Okay, maybe not quite that dramatic, but you get the idea. CUE THE FREAKING OUT.


So, here’s to hoping we get in tomorrow. If not….


We can’t take our phones into the studio, but I imagine I’ll be updating on various social media until our cutoff point on Snapchat: shelbyn92, Twitter: @shelbyn92 or Instagram: @shelbyn113. And either way, I’ll be giving a full recap of the adventure on here.

That’s all for now,






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