The Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato


Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato might have ruled the Disney Channel just a few years ago, but now they’re proving those days are long gone.

Saturday night, one of my longtime friends and concert buddies, Mandy, and I went to The Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles, Calif., for Jonas and Lovato’s last show of their Future Now tour.

Chord Overstreet and Mike Posner opened the show. Overstreet embodied the vibes of a coffeehouse open mic night, while Posner was a bit more Vegas nightclub, getting the crowd amped up. Posner also got a bit sentimental with the crowd and rambled a bit talking about the tour and how it was coming to a close. It was a bit strange, but then again, the whole set was a bit weird, but had the audience singing along to every word of “Cooler Than Me.”

Obviously, I’m still a big fan to have been at the show, but I realized I was much more familiar with some of their older music, especially Jonas, seeing as I haven’t even listened to “Last Year Was Complicated” yet. He did sing his radio hits, including “Chains,” “Jealous,” “Close” and new song “Bacon.” But, the real highlight for me was when he threw it back to his first album with “Who I Am,” when he was still Nick Jonas and the Administration. I miss those days – I feel like Jonas is settling for the music he’s making now. He’s incredibly talented, there’s no denying that and while “Bacon” might be a jam, it isn’t exactly showcasing his songwriting or telling a story.


With no intermission in between sets, Demi Lovato came up from the stage on a platform and opened her set with “Confident” and she lives up to the title. As I watched Demi, I realized that she’s one of the rare ones who rose above the story that the media tried to portray of her. She didn’t let her story or her demons defeat her, and that’s why she’s still here today making killer music and entertaining crowds all over the country. Again, while I missed her rocker songs from the first couple albums, I was so glad that she played a couple older songs, including my absolute favorites, “Nightengale.” I’m so obsessed with that song, it’s not even funny, and she sang it beautifully. Lovato commands the stage in such a powerful way and belts notes that not many other (former) Disney stars do. Naturally, she sang her more recent hits, like “Cool for the Summer,” “Heart Attack” and others. Lovato is going to be one of those artists that people talk about in years to come – the one who transitioned from teen star into a true artist, and she’s already starting to give us sneak peeks of what that looks like. She’s vulnerable, honest and real…And those are some of the most important qualities you can look for in an artist.


A highlight of the show that didn’t happen every night on tour was when DNCE came on stage to sing with Nick. I mean, two of the Jonas Brothers being reunited?! Yes, please. “Cake by the Ocean” is a jam and the entire crowd was rocking out, jumping up and down. At that point, no one in the arena was sitting down. Mandy and I just looked at each other and screamed. And it was great.

Lovato and Jonas have a connection and chemistry that is undeniable, and I think that’s the true magic of this show. It isn’t a show of crazy production or extravagant sets, but the energy is undeniable and it was a fun night to let loose. “I want this to be a night you never forget,” Lovato said, and it was. Years from now, I’ll forget what they sang, but I won’t forget how I felt or the way Mandy and I laughed so hard while singing Jonas’ song “Bacon.”


Our ride back to the hotel in an Uber was…Interesting to say the least, but we lived to tell about it. And it will be one of those stories we reference in years to come, much like the *NSYNC concert in Vegas back in the early 2000s. It was a fantastic night and I’m glad  we went and had the time of our lives. It’s important to remember to be young every once in awhile.

I had never been to The Forum before, but I would love to go back for another show. The floor level was a dream – we had our own concession and snack stand, and was much less crowded than the main floor. We also walked down the hall where photos of artists who have played the venue are painted on the wall. We fangirled over Justin Timberlake. Good times! I can’t wait to go back.

P.S. I also saw Camilla Belle, Joe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend. Soooo..That was cool and strange.

That’s all for now,



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