I’m Shelby!


Born and raised in Bakersfield, Calif. City girl with southern charm. Nashville is my happy place and where I belong. It’s my endgame and where I hope to spend a majority of my career. I hope to end up with the country boy, living on a ranch in the middle of nowhere with a wraparound porch, animals and lots of lights in the trees. It will be my own little safe haven.

Christ follower.

Journalist; aspiring music and entertainment reporter.

Freelance writer for Bakersfield Life Magazine.

Dreamer, thinker, analyzer.

Writing and music are my biggest passions in life, and I live for creativity. I don’t think in black and white, I think in color, and I think there are a million ways to live your life. Shoot for the stars!

I’m a major TV junkie.

I kind of have this obsession with wood floors, bird cages, feathers, arrows, candles, coffee table books and pillows.

I’m an old soul and hoarder of all things sentimental.

I’m a night owl, but love the simplicity and possibility of mornings.

I loved polaroids and antique stores before “hipsters” did. My grandma got me into when I was just a kid.

I document everything I do, whether it’s a blog, journal, picture or video. I’m the girl who takes a picture of her food before she eats it. What can I say?

In another life, I would love to be a director or a fashion designer. I love creating a vision and seeing something come to fruition in the end.

Sometimes I create playlists for my favorite fictional couples…That’s not weird, is it?

I have a thing for diners. There’s something so traditional about them. I love watching the interaction between the regulars, too.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned about life : it isn’t always magical and that’s okay. Everything is just a lesson to be learned. That’s when things get really good and where the growth happens. You’re never truly done, as life is a process. I’m trusting God to guide me through the big moments, small moments and all of the moments in between.

For everything else…Just keep reading 😉



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