While I’m not a broadcast journalist, I have taken a few classes that have given me the opportunity to play around in the media department in front of the camera and behind. Filmmaking and editing are also passions of mine, and I’m so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to learn more and gain actual skills in that department.

Lea Michele Book Signing (For Convergence Journalism class)


Lydia Ranger Portrait (Documentary)

I made a short documentary on my pastor’s wife and long-time friend, Lydia Ranger. She has a beautiful testimony and almost died the day she was born. But, through a miracle, God has been able to use her in ways that she never dreamed. Now, a singer and pastor at New Life Church, she helps people through her voice and bringing the light out in them. She has even sang the National Anthem for the Lakers.


The Bakersfield Sound (Documentary)

*Coming Soon*

The Longest Ride (The Runner)

My friend, Nathan, and I, who have very differing views on Nicholas Sparks and his movies decided to go together to see “The Longest Ride.” We chatted it up on the way to the theater, giving our expectations as well as our thoughts after. It was a fun collaboration!


Check out some of my other fun, random videos while you’re at it!


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